"Anya Brodech Dance is the place to go if you want to learn how to be a star on the dance floor"

"I believe that dance lessons should be a fun and rewarding experience. I recognize that everyone dances for a different reason and I make it my mission to help students achieve their personal goals. Ultimately, my goal is to give my students a passion for dance that will stay with them for a lifetime. I believe that dancing can fundamentally change people's lives for the better and give them a way to express their inner selves and genuinely connect with others. My philosophy is to treat students with patience, kindness, support, and understanding in order to help them reach their full potential." 

Anya Brodech has been dancing ballroom, salsa, and swing since 2005. She received professional teacher training at the Ballroom Dance Teacher's College in Oakland, California. Anya holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Loyola University Chicago. She is currently studying entreprenuership in the MBA program at Calfornia State University-East Bay in Hayward.  Anya comes from a Ukrainian family. She began learning traditional Ukrainian Folk dancing at the age of 5 and continued it through college. She speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and Spanish. Her blog about dancing has over 1 million views.

About Anya Brodech