​​​Basic Wedding Dance Lessons:
Anya Brodech offers basic wedding dance lessons for couples who just want to do something low-key and learn the basic steps and a few easy moves in one or more popular dance styles to put together in a simple routine.

Deluxe Wedding Dance Lessons:

Anya Brodech offers deluxe wedding dance lessons that take your dancing beyond the basics and to the next level. You and your partner will develop a strong foundation of movement and style that will make your dancing look natural and effortless. You will learn general dancing to use throughout your wedding, as well as a special choreographed dance to kick off your reception!

Every wedding dance that Anya Brodech creates is special, unique and one-of-a kind. ​ Ultimately, wedding dance lessons with Anya Brodech are about more than just dance steps; they are about expressing your love for each other.

Please contact Anya Brodech Dance to discuss your wedding dance goals and to learn more about pricing and package options for wedding dance lessons.

Why Take Wedding Dance Lessons?

Dance lessons are something that you can keep on enjoying long after the wedding is over. Through dancing, you will learn how to connect with each other in a new and profound way that will help bring fun, excitement and spontaneity into your lives.  Dance lessons with Anya Brodech will teach how to dance and move together in a way that will last a lifetime. 

Wedding Dance Lessons & Services:

Anya Brodech offers both basic wedding lessons for couples who just want to learn a little bit, as well as deluxe wedding dance lessons for couples who want to go the extra mile with their dancing and learn special choreography.

Wedding dance lessons are available for the marrying couple's first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, as well as general partner dancing. 

Dance Styles Taught:

Anya Brodech teaches a variety of dance styles and what you learn is up to you. Dance instruction is available in classic ballroom dances such as waltz, foxtrot and rumba; fun and fast dances like hustle and swing; and sexy and spicy dances like salsa and bachata.

Wedding Dance Lessons